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Hello folks,

tolkien is currently in need of a new moderator! Here is what we are looking for:

:bulletblack: One (1) Submissions Moderator. As the name indicates, the job would be basically going through group submissions. A submissions moderator:
:bulletred::bulletred: Should be well-versed with Tolkien's The Hobbit, LOTR, and Silmarillion (having read them at least once, and at least one of those within the last five years), and be willing to do quick Google searches to see if submissions of an unknown source are lesser-known Tolkien character, or are from a lesser-known Tolkien source, etc. The more Tolkien you know, the better! :)
:bulletred::bulletred: Should be familiar with the group's Terms of Art Submission.
:bulletred::bulletred: Should have a moderate grasp of basic art concepts in order to best utilize the group's submission rules with all pieces submitted.
:bulletred::bulletred: Should have some time available a couple days a week to process submissions.

Please send in why you believe you qualify for such a position in a note sent to tolkien. We'll be accepting notes throughout the rest of the week, until Sunday. Thank you!

I'm going to try this next month's "featured" a little bit differently. In the past, there have been concerns over having too many choices. So, this month we'll experiment with something else:

Nomination rules!
:bulletred: To nominate for this month's featured deviations (to go into the featured folder and be displayed on the front page), you can either post a comment to this blog or (if you want to be anonymous) send tolkien a note with the links to the deviations you're nominating.
:bulletred: NEW: This month, nominate deviations *only* from the LOTR- Book folder. If people are more likely to nominate with a more limited selection to choose from, we'll continue this process, switching different folders to choose from every month (next month the Silmarillion, the month after that the Hobbit, then LOTR- films, etc).
:bulletred: You can nominate up to ten deviations :D You don't have to do ten, but you can!
:bulletred: Don't nominate a deviation that's being featured this month (you can see this month's featured here:…) As there are no features from this month, it's open season!
:bulletred: You can nominate *one* of your own deviations, but you MUST nominate at least four others (if not more) if you do.
:bulletred: You can nominate pieces you nominated before if they did not make it to the previous month's features.

Nominations end at the end of the day on Saturday.

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Submitted on
March 31, 2011