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This was on a bit of a hiatus over the summer, but now it's back! The rules are simple, and nominating is as easy as sending a note :) Remember, we need your participation to make this happen! :heart:

Nomination rules!
:bulletred: To nominate for October's featured deviations (to go into the featured folder and be displayed on the front page), you can either post a comment to this blog or (if you want to be anonymous) send tolkien a note with the links to the deviations you're nominating.
:bulletred: Not to state the obvious, but the nominated works have to come from tolkien's gallery. We have hundreds upon hundreds of deviations to choose from!
:bulletred: You can nominate up to ten deviations :D You don't have to do ten, but you can!
:bulletred: Don't nominate a deviation that's being featured this month (you can see this month's featured here:…) As there are no features from this month, it's open season!
:bulletred: You can nominate *one* of your own deviations, but you MUST nominate at least four others (if not more) if you do.
:bulletred: You can nominate pieces you nominated before if they did not make it to the previous month's features.

Comment here or note us until the end of October 1st! I'll post a new blog when the new batch of featured deviations for October.
gbindis Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
Elrond by ~Ines92 - [link]
The Journey Continues II by *YngveMartinussen - [link]
Sauron Annatar by ~Maureval - [link]
Cate Blanchett, Galadriel doll by *noeling - [link]
TLD intro: War by ~Merlkir - [link]
ninquetari Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
There are so many... but I nominate (random order) :
Cate Blanchett, Galadriel doll by *noeling [link]
dream by ~liga-marta [link]
Welcome back by *Moumou38 [link]
An old story by ~Hemhet [link]
hobbit or there and back again by ~Pervandr [link]
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September 27, 2010